Dr. Diego Hernandez, Psy.D — Director of ART Therapy and Military Research at the University of South Florida

In this episode 32 clip of Vetting America, Doc Diego explains how Veterans need to create a new mission that’s focused on improving:

  • Themselves
  • Their Families
  • Their Communities


We all stood up and raised our right hands to serve our country and then spent years of our lives, if not decades, doing so. Just because we take the chevrons off, put away the combat boots, and hang up the fatigues for the last time doesn’t mean that our need or will to serve goes away with it. It’s engrained in us, a part of our DNA. We must learn how to serve ourselves, so that we can better serve our families, so that we can then serve our communities and our country once more.

He explains that building Rituals and Regiments into our lives post-Military helps us organize ourselves so that we can free up time to do the things we need to do to find balance within ourselves.

He emphasizes that we must look at our health in totality; mind, body, spirit and explains how stress, alcohol and gut health are directly linked to depression.

You can learn more about Dr. Diego Hernandez, Psy.D and his work at: https://www.balancedlivingpsychology….

You can find out more about his organization here: http://www.theheroesjourney.org/

You can also check out details on the Military Play by Scott Mann; Last Out: Elegy of a Green Beret here: http://www.lastoutplay.com/

To watch more interviews like this one visit https://vettingamerica.com/

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