Anna is now the Program Manager of the Camaraderie Foundation whose mission is to bring support to Military, Veterans, and their families during their transition out of the Military and back into civilian life.


She was one of the first people to help overhaul and institute a transition program at Los Angelos Air Force Base when she was a part of the Civil Service after separation where some of her ideas were instituted branch wide.

She speaks about how difficult it is to transition from this big happy dysfunctional family that we have while serving into isolation because of the lack of camaraderie and fellowship experienced immediately after transitioning.

She discusses how imperative Volunteering and continuing to serve others was for her transition post-Military and how she used jobs to learn and fill the knowledge gaps needed to succeed as a civilian which led her to a career in Non-profit activism.

Now with over 11 years in the non-profit sector, 3 being with the Camaraderie foundation, she’s excited to be working with Veterans, Active-Duty, and their families to help heal the invisible wounds of war through counseling, spirituality, and community building.

You can learn more about Anna here

You can learn more about the Camaraderie Foundation here

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