One of the keys to a successful transition and transformation post-Military service is accomplishing the task of overhauling our minds upon separating from the Military Service.

It’s not about completely changing the way we think, do, and say — it’s more about fine-tuning it to survive the slower paced, less intense environment that is civilian life. As Anna states in the clip above, we must continue to stay mission-focused. We must accept that the path will not be a straight line. We must accept the fact that we may not know certain stuff and not to get frustrated in times of learning and growth.


One technique that has helped Anna overhaul her mind is the writing out of her goals and the active visualization she uses to achieve them. All the training we received while serving was so that we could operate without hesitation in high-stress situations. Life in the civilian World is no different except the high-stress situations we may find ourselves in are more of a mental game than a physical one.

Just because everyone isn’t wearing the same uniform anymore doesn’t mean we are no longer interconnected. Learning to give back and care for the well-being of others can fill our souls and open our hearts to a new way of living. If we can all overhaul our mindsets and view the world through clear eyes — then we can change it.

Life’s most persistent and URGENT question is; what are you doing for others?

– Martin Luther King Jr.

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