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How Lt. Commander Mark Fettermen Uses Story to Help Warriors Heal


In the second episode of season three, Adam T. Cummings sits down with Lt. Commander Mark Fettermen who continues to serve in the United States Navy.

We get to learn the story behind Mark choosing to enter the service, what his time in the Military has been like as a Naval Officer, what he’s learned along the way to help Veterans reintegrate back into society after war, and the resources and organizations believes to be improving lives in the Military and Veteran communities.

He currently serves as founder of a 501(c)(3) non-profit; Homefront Foundation which serves as a resource for Veterans looking to heal through storytelling. He’s also program director for the United Way’s military initiative, Mission United which helps the Military and their families with challenges they face during and after Military service.

To read more Veteran news, learn more about support organizations, and gain access to vetted resources focused in helping our Vets transition — visit Vetting America

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  1. Hi,
    Im Yasheka Foster a 25-year Army Veteran and a Veterans Transition Strategist. I own and operate a LLC, One More Step. The purpose of OMS is to help transitioned/retired veterans with the desire to start a business transitioning into entrepreneurship. Further, I am a Certified Professional Life Coach that assist not only vets who wish to start a business but also to navigate through the transition process when they feel “out of sync”.
    I have a MA in Marriage & Family Counseling, author of 2-books in which 1-is a “Best-Seller”.
    I would like to be interviewed for your podcast Vetting America, to discuss my transiting story and ways in which I can assist veterans.
    I can be reached at (559)232-3793


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