Shooting War Through a Camera Lens

Season 03, Episode 03 of Vetting America features Sergeant Shawn Rhodes, UMSC


Shawn Rhodes served in the United States Marine Corps from 2001 to 2005.

He served two combat tours in Iraq before transitioning.

After graduating from college, he experienced the true darkness that has become common place for Veterans in transition. There he realized the way he was taught to do things in the Corps was no longer going to fly out in Corporate America. He quickly adopted a student mentality which forced him to ask questions, actively listening, and absorb as much knowledge as possible to reach the success he was trying to reach.

He began surrounding himself with successful people living the way he aspired to live and took note of how they went about their business, relationships, and lives. This allowed him to shed old systems of living that were no longer serving him so he could create the processes, he continues to use today, in his pursuit of stratospheric success.

Now a proud husband, father, professional speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur — Shawn is riddled with wisdom and sage advice for Veterans beginning or amidst their own transitions out of the Military and back into civilian life.

He attributes the skillset he learned while in the Marine Corps as being the most impactful one in the success he has seen the past 15 years; that of making a plan, establishing objectives to achieve that plan, and then executing. He believes that this skillset alone, which is often forgotten by Veterans after the Military, is the one that will take someone anywhere they want to go.

He’s now Founder and CEO of his own company, Shoshin Consulting, which helps professional speakers like himself leverage the systems and processes he’s discovered which have helped him become a national speaker. He has recently launched another venture, Speaker Selling Systems, which coincides with his consulting firm and which has found him as the host of his very own podcast.

Go here to learn more about Shawn’s Consulting Firm; SHOSHIN CONSULTING

Go Here to Learn more about Shawn’s SPEAKER SELLING SYSTEMS

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